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Permission for aerial work, PFCO certification to operate throughout the United Kingdom

At Zade Aerial we provide an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) service with high quality sensors for Aerial Photography, Video and Survey purposes. We are completely adaptable and able to work within a range of different industries and business sectors.

We are based in Rugby, Warwickshire, a central UK location which puts us in an ideal geographical position to reach all of our clients. We have been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate throughout the UK from the ground up to 400ft. Our flight operations manual abides in accordance with strict heath and safety and planning regulations also set by the CAA. The services we provide are inexpensive and a lot more flexible than using helicopters or a telescopic mast with a camera. Our UAV’s require only a small take off and landing area, they are fitted with state of the art GPS positioning systems which allow us maneuverability, pinpoint positioning and while not interrupting or damaging the surrounding area, even at low attitude.

As a company and as individuals we are passionate about UAV’s and the multimedia side in which it entails. We do all of our own professional standard photo and video editing and have our own studio in that we work from. We are perfectionists and are dedicated to capturing the best data we can for you as our client. DJI Lightbridge technology gives us a real time video link between the UAV and the pilot via our monitor screen; this technology allows us to send live imagery down via a transmitter back to the pilot.

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Please feel free to take a browse through our website, this will give you a further indication into some of the services we offer. We have recently added our latest videography show reel for 2015, which can be found on our aerial videography page.

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