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Windy City Drones

Providing safe, efficient, cost-effective aerial solutions.

Windy City Drones offers safe, clean energy solutions utilizing drones to perform a wide range of services that are typically performed by fixed-wing aircraft, climbing, or repelling.


Using the latest in drone technology, we capture high resolution still images to meet all of your aerial photography needs. We can take your photography to new heights.


Our drones are able to get closer to the action than a fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter and are capable of capturing up to 4K video. Transmitting the video back to our operator in real time allows us to guarantee you get the shot you need.


Make a great first impression. Studies have shown that professionally photographed homes generate more online interest and sell for more money. All of our MLS packages include professional editing to further enhance customer engagement.


Utilizing a UAS for your next inspection provides a safer, faster and more cost effective alternative to climbing. Ask about our real time video streaming capabilities.


Our small UAVs provide safe access to difficult or unsafe areas of construction. The UAV can transmit real time images or video back to the construction management team. This cost effective, time saving solution will help keep construction activities on time.