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Third Molar Aerials

Changing Perspectives

Third Molar Aerials can bring high quality aerial imaging to your content. We can provide edited or unedited photographs or video in quality up to 4K. We can deliver the content in which ever format suits our customers needs, be it RAW, mp4, jpeg, or mov.

We excel at aerial cinematography for television commercial production and news gathering, with professional capabilities for difficult or specialty footage.

When you are trusting an aerial imaging company with your business, be sure they have the experience to handle your demands. Third Molar Aerials has extensive experience; our pilots are FAA certified airplane pilots with hundreds of hours of time flying our aerial imaging platforms.

Be sure to use a fully authorized, legal service. Third Molar Aerials uses pilots with an FAA commercial authorization (Section 333 exemption).

Professionalism is mandatory. Third Molar Aerials uses documented flight safety procedures, stringent maintenance, and high quality imaging platforms to deliver high quality results with as little risk possible.