Sky Perth

The sky is not the limit any more!

Why do business with Sky Perth?

You see it more and more, everyday… Drones are becoming the solution and a major attributer to viral campaigns, music videos, security and much, much more. The advance of technology brings a new revolution and Drones are here to stay.

You’ve seen them in the parks, you’ve seen them in the cities, they’ve flown by you high in the sky, Drones provide fascinating new angles to life, and unforgettable moments, as can be seen from the photography and video on this site. Yet with Australia having such rigorous laws, often broken by Drone hobbyists, it’s not worth the risk to your business.

Sky Perth is certified as a Remotely Pilot Aircraft Operator (CASA.ReOC.0979) by Civil Aviation Safety Authority – CASA members and purveyors of their best practices, with us, you get the remarkable, but you also get the peace of mind too. We’re a company who advocate the safety and best use of Drones, while going the distance to get the great advantages of them.

With special CASA  exemption, our qualified pilots can operate at night as well.