Pro Sky Video

Transport Canada Complex certification for the Province of Ontario

Pro Sky Video specializes in aerial video and imaging, using state-of-the-art technology providing the most breathtaking and sharpest images possible.

We specialize in filming for a number of industries including real estate marketing, mining, construction site planning, golf course overviews, ski and vacation resort aerial tours and much more. Our aerial camera delivers 4K Ultra HD resolution providing video and photos more than 4 times the resolution of traditional HD. And with our onboard Visual Positioning System, visual data and sonar technology allow us to capture images while flying safely indoors.

With over 25 years of professional video production expertise, our final product is presented as a professional high definition video including audio voice over narration and music..

With $1,000,000 flight insurance and Transport Canada Complex certification for the Province of Ontario, Pro Sky Video can take on your most important tasks. If you’re ready to raise your expectations, we’re ready to help. Contact us today!

Transport Canada has outlined very stringent regulations regarding professional use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for commercial and recreational aerial photo/video throughout Ontario and Canada. UAV video companies must submit a very detailed flight request to Transport Canada well in advance of every single instance they will fly commercially. Should Transport Canada accept a company’s request, they will award a Special Flight Operations Certificate (S.F.O.C.) permitting the aerial company’s request to fly safely over a specific controlled area on a specific date and time.

As well Transport Canada requires all UAV imaging companies carry a minimum one hundred-thousand dollar liability insurance specific to this aerial industry.

With our excellent flight record, Transport Canada grants Pro Sky Video the S.F.O.C’s on a regular basis, which ensures we can safely document our clients’ aerial photo/videos throughout Northern Ontario. Transport Canada is aware that Pro Sky Video carries a one million dollar liability insurance policy, well exceeding Transport Canada’s minimum one hundred thousand dollar insurance coverage.

Many amateur UAV enthusiasts regularly ignore Transport Canada regulations by taking imprudent risks – flying too close to crowds of people, flying over city streets and buildings, etc. Should these amateurs become distracted or encounter any malfunction during flight, the loss of control of their UAV could cause serious damage to people’s health and property, incurring huge damage costs. These UAV operators can face thousands of dollars in fines or even imprisonment.

With Pro Sky Video you can trust over 100 hours in training and flying UAVs professionally. We can also provide our clients a copy of our Transport Canada S.F.O.C. and our one million dollar UAV Insurance Certificate.