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PrecisionHawk (UK) Ltd. is a division of PrecisionHawk Unmanned Systems Innovation and from our UK base we operate throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa . We are all about taking data from drones and other sources, analysing that data with our specialist algorithms, then providing our customers with Actionable Insights to help them make key decisions to enhance their business activities.

As a world-leading player in the provision of Business Intelligence drone technology for 2D and 3D surveying and inspections, our software, hardware and services products support:-

+ plant health applications in agriculture and forestry, working closely with agronomy companies and other industry partners.
+ survey and inspection applications for the energy and insurance sectors.
+ 2D and 3D surveys & analytics for the mining, landfill and constructions industries.

12 New Fetter Lane,
London, England, EC4A 1JP, GB
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Office hours are weekdays, 08:00-18:00. Operational hours are 'as required'.