United Kingdom(Great Britain)
Cambridge UAV

Cambridge UAV is a division of Cambridge (Maintenance Services) Ltd. Cambridge was founded locally in 1985 with its initial clients based on the prestigious Cambridge Science Park. Since 1985 the Cambridge group of companies has expanded and now services commercial national contracts across the UK.

Cambridge have been operating various aerial platforms for many years and with the advent of reliable multi-rotor flight control systems and high capacity lithium polymer batteries it was decided to investigate the possibility of using unmanned aerial vehicles to fulfil some of the requirements of its survey and inspection work.

Many people are aware of the military types of ‘Drones’; large, complicated machines with complicated base stations and multitudes of operators. The potential for these machines is incredibly limited commercially of course and smaller platforms needed to be developed. A development team was commissioned to produce a vehicle that met certain criteria.

Early limitations on the suitability as a camera platform prompted development of an anti-vibration mount that eliminated many of the undesirable effects of flight and vibration on the camera.

The Cam 8 Octocopter was the result of 12 months research and development into a reliable platform for survey and film work.

Thus, Cambridge Unmanned Aerial Vehicles was launched as a division within Cambridge Maintenance Services.

Cambridge UAV has now designed and produced a range of aircraft that span the requirements for Aerial Photography, Video and Surveillance and produce exemplary quality images.