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Unmanned Aerial Solutions, LLC

Aerial Videography and Photography

Providing Aerial Videography & Photography Services in Louisiana & Texas.  Established.  Licensed.  Insured.  Trust your project to the professionals today.

FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilots.  Insured for $1,000,000 plus.  Born from real-world, full-scale aircraft pilots who transitioned that passion for safe flying into the commercial drone video and photography industry.  Established for years in the drone industry, aerial videography and photography are only one division of our company; we also build customized drone aircraft systems for public safety and utility customers.  We know drone aircraft systems intimately, as well as having years of proficiency at operating them safely and within legal limits.

What value does that bring for our for-hire customers?  When we show up to do your shoot, you can take confidence in knowing that we know our equipment, and know how to deploy it best to capture your imagery effectively, legally and safely.

Hourly fee is only for flight time. You won’t be charged for travel time unless there is considerable time and distance involved, and if so you will know that upfront. Also no charge for time involved with basic product editing, on-site project assessment, or standing around talking. If flight time required goes beyond the high-end estimate we quote for you, we will eat the additional cost. In short, our reputation rides on making sure the ONLY surprises you have will be good ones.

Contact us today so we can help your project take flight!