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Harris Aerial Images Limited

Established in 2015 and working from our base in Bristol here in the Southwest of England, Harris Aerial Images is a licenced operator supplying aerial photography and filming services with “Permission for Aerial Works” granted by the Civil Aviation Authority.
Our pilot holds a BNUC-S Pilots licence, which is administered by EuroUSC, a specialist assessment and accreditation body recognised by Civil Aviation Authorities. Our company is fully insured with public liability and adhere strictly to guidelines and safety procedures necessary to ensure the safety of crew, public and buildings.
As a company we carry out comprehensive pre-site and on-site surveys and comply with the guidance set down by the Civil Aviation Authority for unmanned aerial systems.  We are members of the Association of Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (ARPAS-UK).
With our radio-controlled aerial platforms we can access areas that traditional photography just can’t reach. We can work safely anywhere from ground level to 400 feet in altitude and up to 500m distance.
We can provide still aerial photographs, 4k and HD aerial video footage and 360 degree panorama’s.
Our systems can process the data for integration into CAD and GIS systems using Pix4D or Agisoft software.
4 Stottbury Road,
Bristol, England, BS7 9NG, GB
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