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Fedewa Drone Services

See the World from a Different Perspective

I have always had an interest and curiosity about flying.  It started when I was in grade school building and launching model rockets.  My next step towards being a pilot was trying to fly model airplanes. I found out that model airplanes are challenging to fly and I eventually crashed it. I still wanted the thrill of being a pilot after the devastating crash but knew that model airplanes were not my calling.

As a result, I bought a drone and instantly enjoyed flying it. The thrill of flying through the air and being able to see the world from different angles is exhilarating. I want to be able to share my passion for flying and help people with aerial services. That led me to take the FAA 107 test to become a FAA Small Unmanned Aircraft Pilot and the creation of Fedewa Drone Services.


Austin Fedewa