FotoKopteri offers new aerial perspective, with experience and cost effectiveness.

Our services include aerial cinematography and still photography.

We have over 8  years of experience with multirotors and aerial photography and video. Flying large multirotor and Panasonic GH4 is normal to us, with pilot and separate camera operator. We also film with Phantom 4 Pro for budget productions. As videography is our main area, we also do still photography.

By doing consultation, we also share our experience in UAV multirotors and fixed wing aircrafts.

Companies we have filmed: YLE, Nokian Tyres, Alasin Media, Aamulehti, Komatsu Forest, Grassmark, Parrikaadi productions, Tamlans, Peab, John Deere, Tukes, NCC, Pohjola Rakennus and many more.