Aerial Photography & Cinematography

Photography & Cinematography, we simply love it.

We are fully licensed commercial aerial cinematography company in UAE, dedicated to remote aerial realtime video broadcasting, cinematography and photography. We cover projects for private and commercial use.

 Our services cover a wide variety of projects. Every project is different and we treated as such. We make every effort to give the best suitable service for every particular project. Our energetic, highly experienced team of skilled and creative photographers and pilots have a passion for what they work on and it shows in the end results.

 We are continuously striving for the best, therefore we are constantly incorporating the latest and greatest in technology in our multi-rotors platforms to capture the best shots for our clients. Our rigs are built to the highest standards in quality and safety, that gives directors, producers, agencies and creative professionals endless possibilities to compose dynamic shots while saving huge production costs at the same time.

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