Aerial drone services and stabilized camera systems. 

Segurança em primeiro lugar. Nossos equipamentos são seguros, possuem sistema redundante e respeitamos todos os procedimentos de segurança.

It’s a different kind of company that offers state of the art equipment with an extensive video production experience. Here you choose the camera that best fit you project and we’ll fly the camera to create some amazing footage.

Among the great benefits of our technology, which is operated by professional teams, these autonomous aircrafts are capable of transporting cameras such as Canon 5D Mark II, RED EPIC, Sony FS700 among others. That is able to generate images for any type of production, institutional, television program, advertising and digital cinema. Além disso, a high stabilidade das las platforms UAV assegura a captação de images of high qualidade com possibilidade de transmissão ao vivo em Full HD.

Given the enormous versatility of these remotely controlled vehicles, they are able to operate different perfomances of vôo bem.
This technology além das aplicações cited acima, can serve varied markets, such as film production, reportagem, novel, documentário, advertising spot production and event coverage, among others.
Além da Engenharia e Construção area as a support to the elaboration and execution of civil and / or industrial construction projects, inspection and maintenance of infrastructures. In the area of ​​Segurança e Prevenção, we can be used to control access to events or zones of fronteiras, control and forestry prevention, as well as for research purposes (geological and archaeological exploration), treino of military tactics and control of plantações e colheitas agricultura .

A FlyHD provides a professional production service that includes UAV equipment built entirely with second-generation carbon fiber and with a 2 or 3-hole chamber support (Pan, Tilt and Roll) with auto-stabilization, possibilidade of transmissão ao vivo and pré-programação de rotas via integrated GPS system.
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