Drone Arezzo

ENAC certified and insured

Drone Arezzo was founded 2013 from by David Mariottini (Italian), who is CEO, and mainly specialises in shooting aerial footage. David is a sport pilot, who flys helicopters and ultralight aircraft, with a passion for music and video. His first experience of aerial video shooting, in 2010, was piloting a helicopter during the production of documentaries for the region of Tuscany in central Italy.

However, drone technology has rapidly evolved during recent years, and hence, David immediately invested in this method of footage and data gathering to meet the market demands, in line with the company’s philosophy.

Drone Arezzo currently has the latest drone models available on the market, ensuring the highest levels of image stabilization. Nonetheless, the company is always striving to select and identify available cutting edge equipment as well as test new technologies.

In less than two years, Drone Arezzo, is now recognized internationally as one of the leaders in drone aerial footage, engaged by the most important Italian national television stations, video production houses, cinema, music video clips, agencies, real estate, weddings, tourism promotion, events, commercials, documentaries, etc.

In 2015 Drone Arezzo expanded further its array of services offered, including photogrammetry, thermal cameras, multispectral analysis, environmental and infrastructure inspections.

To ensure the highest level of quality and end result, Drone Arezzo invests in its team, employing experienced and qualified pilots, all united by a single ideal and the passion for their job. In January 2015, Drone Arezzo, was elected as Elite Content Partner for DJI Innovation in Italy. DJI is considered to be the most important company in the world in the design and production of civilian drones used for aerial video footage.

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