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Bright Sky Videos

Bright Sky Videos holds the EuroUSC BNUC-s class 1 qualification and the legally required Civil Aviation Authority PFAW (permission for aerial work)

Aerial photography adds, quite literally, a whole new dimension to both stills and video image creation. The third dimension of height gives a new perspective to buildings and landscapes and can make the ordinary, extraordinary, the mundane, magnificent.

Recent advances in technology and miniaturisation have meant that it is now practical for a small remote controlled aircraft to carry aloft a lightweight camera capable of full HD video (1080p) and 14mp raw and jpeg images. Rock steady GPS assisted hovering ability provides a stable platform for the camera, and the WiFi downlink gives the pilot/photographer not only a first person view but complete control of the camera.

This system can replicate the kind of images traditionally produced by the use of light aircraft/helicopters or high rise boom cameras, but also introduces it’s own unique abilities.

Only this system can go from a close-up of a single buttercup to a hawk’s eye view of the entire meadow IN A SINGLE SHOT. Imagine the possibilities for your web site or presentation materials.

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