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At Birds Eye of Big Sky we technically specialize in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations and visual storytelling. By flying the industry’s most dynamic UAS technology over the past 5 years, our highly trained drone pilot practice risk management, mindfulness, and artistic creativity to capture remarkable photos and video from the sky. We provide drone education and services such as video production, aerial videography and aerial photography, GIS Mapping, and digital 3D models at a welcoming price. As drone services providers, our mission is to share knowledge about safe and intelligent UAS integration with our community.

We guarantee a higher level of safety, cost effectiveness, and efficiency with our exemplary understanding and experience that is incomparable by other drone companies. Birds Eye of Big Sky is dedicated to providing the best experience possible to our customers. Our enthusiasm for drones has encouraged our team to continuously expand their knowledge base alongside an evolving UAS industry since it’s genesis.  Please contact us today for a free consultation on how your company can leverage the benefits of drones.