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Anthem Aerials

Certified and Insured

Feature, indie, shorts, commercials, music videos. Films have dropped the helicopters and adopted drones… saving a ton of cash in the meantime while delivering incredible imagery.

Hotels, resorts, casinos, spas, golf courses, getaways… As of now, only the birds know how truly extraordinary your properties are. Let’s change that.
Showcase your arena, stadiums, and the incredible athletes within it. There’s just one more, critical angle thats been missing, and now we have it. From ABOVE!

Concerts, festivals, weddings, conventions, trade shows, rallies – give your audience and attendees the true scope and experience of your amazing event.

With deep roots in film production, we know how to fly to achieve the cinematic shots you are looking for. We travel anywhere and will help you achieve your vision!

We fly a 2 man operation, one person pilots the multi-rotor and the other person operates the camera gimbal, allowing for shots that would otherwise be impossible.

We utilize a video downlink which allows the camera operator and client to see the shot as it’s happening.

Our camera systems are capable of recording in stunning ultra high definition formats and produce eye catching video and images certain to wow viewers.

Whether it is for Real Estate, an Event, a Location, or for Commercial use, where OUR passion, meets YOUR passion, we can showcase your Anthem!