United States of America

Our Team consist Chief pilot Keith Whitehead and Co- pilot Jay Krick.
Keith has been involved in building and flying RC aircraft and helicopters for 28 years. This and Photography has been a strong passion in his life. Keith is also a licensed FAA Private Pilot and fly’s a Cessna 150,Cessna 172,Cherokee 180 and a GT400 sports plane in which, Keith has logged in over 400 hours of flight time.

Keith’s full time Job has been in Law Enforcement for 22 years and is a Navy veteran where he was a jet mechanic.

Jay has been involved flying RC aircraft for the past 5 years and has been flying drones for the past 2years.
Retired Master Sargent from the U.S Air Force brings 23 years of experience in safety , teamwork and attention to detail.
He has channeled his love of flight and video photography in the last 3 years by mastering drone construction and flight.

San Antonio, TX, US
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