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04/17/2012 – POSTED IN UAS/ DRONE

The Altek Media Group (AMG) is not only an FAA Section 333 approved UAV Drone Operator, we are a full-service media company offering our clients a full range of media services that include:

UAV Drone HD video and still photography
Professional broadcast video production services including pre and post production
Advertising and marketing consulting
Strategic media planning and buying
Social media development and implementation
And much more
We are able to provide our clients with professional aerial photography and video, using a 4k camera mounted to a quadcopter (drone).  This along with our full service media department, allows us to provide our clients with outstanding video productions that stand above our competition. Saving our clients from problems that affect regular aerial photography. Benefits of Aerial Cinematography & Photographs Include:

Safety / Low Noise Pollution
Low operational cost
Altitude & Perspective (Ability to get legally low enough for custom images)
Stability (Smooth HD video footage and photos)
Agility (The ability to fly almost anywhere – even indoors)
Breath-Taking Shots!
There are so many applications of aerial photography & video, for all types of companies and organizations. These include economic development, TV commercials, real estate, construction, training videos, product presentations, weddings, print ads and promotional materials. We have used aerial photography & video for government agencies, amusement parks, golf courses and resorts, manufacturers, contractors & builders and anyone who wants to take their marketing and/or advertising to new highs.

If you’re ready to take your company’s marketing
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Video source: https://youtu.be/DE4CbSppzOk