We are pleased to announce that AirVid is now part of PrecisionHawk’s drone pilot network!



  1. Thank you for the invite guys

  2. Thank you for the invite. Cool service.

    1. Air-Vid Flight Deck

      thanks ryan, we’ll do our best to find some opportunities for your company.

  3. Looking forward to meeting you all. Thanks for the service. Please consider becoming a member of the Professional Society of Drone Journalists. http://www.dronejournalism.org It is free and will help us navigate the evolving landscape of this expanding field.

    1. Air-Vid Flight Deck

      Of course, happy to join. Anything we can do to help.

  4. Thanks for the invite. We look forward to serving your visitors!

  5. Thanks for the invite. Vidifly is looking forward to connecting to some great people and businesses!

  6. Thank you for the invite guys Sky View HSV is looking forward MEETING to some great people and LOTS businesse!

  7. Great idea to bring the professional UAV world together.

  8. Thank you for invite, hoping to meet other cool UAV pilots from around the world and share our knowledge

    1. Hopefully this website will generate leads in our area, is there a members area where we can configure our profile? West side is the best side! ArizonaFPV out!

  9. Hi everybody!
    Thanks for the inviting and congratulations for this website and I will wish you success!
    Best regards

  10. Randy O'Brien

    Thank you for providing this service! Here is to hoping we can all grow together!

    Randy O’Brien

  11. Thanks for the invite guys really appreciate it! looking forward to getting to know this community and serving its customers!

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  13. Phil Horner

    Thanks for the invite. I’m just starting out but it’s all about networking. We have an exciting future.

  14. Patrick, Site looks good!

  15. Just signed up, glad I found this site. Looking forward to the future!

  16. Thanks for showing me your site. Hope to get some new clients from you guys soon!

  17. thank you for this useful site ..best from greece

  18. Hello everyone and thanks for putting up this website. I will be based in Manila for the next couple of months and get soon approved by CAAP to perform aerial works in the Philippines. I also represent several UAV brands such as Lehmann Aviation, Delair-Tech and Tekever in South East Asia. Please contact me for more info.

  19. John Beasley

    thanks guys, great idea!

  20. Thanks Guys, this is very helpful
    Media Town – Gaza

  21. Njorl327

    Really appreciate this resource!
    -Craig at Hovercams

  22. Ross

    Really like the idea of the site and what it can contribute to!

  23. Thanks and hello from New Zealand

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  25. Javier Lopez

    Gracias por invitarme a su iniciativa… estoy muy contento de poder compartir mi labor con todos ustedes.

  26. Thank you! Safe flights to all!

  27. Hi Patrick, looks like one of the more professional drone hire sites out there. Good luck with it. Your success is our success!

  28. Darren Moretti

    I am looking for pilots in the Florida Tampa area to help my company grow.

  29. Excellent site! I hope to be a part of it and contribute to the expansion of this amazing industry! Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience with those who might be interested in utilizing my services.

  30. This is a super site good job !!! We at idaho drone company are here to support the drone industry!

  31. Thanks for putting together the service – superb facility. Our site is http://www.hollywooddrones.co.uk (also a travel site in production at http://www.travelexpert.wiki). Best wishes, Matt.

  32. thanks a lot for this helpful service.

  33. FourPlusTech

    How does one get noticed for an invitation? Part 107 qualified.

    1. you need to apply through the link in the top right of the page. need to have a web site, be professional, demonstrated ability… etc. etc.

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