understands,appreciates and encourages your right to privacy. We want you to know our practices on the kind of information we collect when our customers visit our websites, and how we use that information.

What We Collect, and Why

I.P. Addresses uses Google Analytics to review I.P. or Internet Protocol addresses. These IP numbers do not identify you personally, and can provide us with useful information regarding usage of the website, such as page views. This allow us to improve the website experience for our customers if we observe any trends. They can also provide basic geographical data such as country, state, and sometimes city, usually from your Internet Service Provider, which is useful in understanding which of our pages or products have interest in different parts of the world.

If your browser allows it, a “cookie” text file might be saved to your browser. It is simply a unique I.D. number assigned to you, without actually identifying who you are. They are a method of “remembering” your visit, so that when you visit again, our website recognizes the I.D. of your cookie file.

Your Email Address
Email addresses are collected, only with your permission, in order to confirm registration of new accounts, as well as facilitating a response to a support related communication. We may also, but not necessarily, use your email address to communicate any changes to the website that will effect your account. Your email addresses are saved on our database, and are never shared with any other parties.

Your Mailing Address will at times offer detailed address information in your profile ONLY under your direction, to third parties whom you have agreed to share your infomation with explicitly and one time only. If you request to participate in these programs, a clear and simple UA User Agreement will be offered for your approval.

Changes to this policy
We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. Notice will be made if you have checked the appropriate preferences in your profile. If unsure, refer to this page periodically for changes. Activating any features of the website such as clicking a link or initiating a search means that you are in agreement with and accept the terms of this policy. Information collected prior to the time a policy change is posted will be used according to the rules and laws that applied at the time the information was collected.


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      submit your email to the link reminder on put your email there and it will send you the link.

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